Matt W.C. Joy

things i appreciate…

I thought I would include a page that I could use to highlight some of the things in this life that makes each day more enjoyable…I will add to this periodically_

bff slash love Kayla

what started as a request for a date at the Corner Brook Plaza on December 05, 1998 has led to an incredible journey of finding a best friend and true love.  For real…we have something worth fighting for and I am honored to be the husband to this gal each and every day!





The amount of JOY that this lil’ guy brings to my life each day cannot be overstated!  He has made parenting such an honor and has reaffirmed purpose in mine and Kayla’s lives.  Our home is blessed to have this gift roaming around …321044_10150797530925247_842195246_20631419_239750646_n


It is overwhelming to know that since I last posted on this blog, God has blessed us with ‘daddy’s lil’ girl’.  Kerri-Ella, like her big bro, has brought so much purpose and love to the last 1.5 years that she has been around.  She is determined and so so beautiful!


A cup of joe...

I still say (and have proven) I can stop drinking coffee on the spot.  But I really see no need to … coffee usually comes with a great conversation or piece of literature to read or early morning emailing.  It just fosters relationships and productivity 🙂 .





Mentors this is a special shout out to the leaders in my life who have taken that added initiative and effort to invest in my growth and development.  Whether it is challenging me on a character flaw, encouraging me towards an opportunity, opening my eyes to the truth of God’s word, and believing in who I can be not just seeing what I am, I am blessed with a number of people who have been that for me and continue to do so.



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