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hope and a futureI love that my son was given a hope and a future by His Creator as he was knit together in his mother’s womb(by design).  I hate that my government gives us as parents the freedom to take that hope and future away!

In January of 1988, while I was still 7 years old, the Supreme Court of my nation decided in a 5-2 vote that the existing laws limiting abortion to scenarios that protected the life of the mother needed to be done away with.  Their foundation to this momentous shift in our legal system and protection of the unborn was that any law restricting abortion was in contradiction to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Charter).   Check out this coverage by the CBC when this news first broke in ’88 (if you watch, you will also get a nice vintage look at Ian Hanomansing with some amazing spectacles):

Click here for CBC coverage

2, 725, 269.  I mostly associate numbers of this value to the salaries of high-paid athletes, but I am sobered to learn that from 1970-2004 this number represents actual lives in Canada that were brought to a premature conclusion via induced abortions.  Here is a chart that breaks this number down by province: 2, 725, 269.

So, bear with me as I process this…

I live in a province that is now awarding my wife and I with an extra $1000 baby bonus for bringing Kendrick into the world (and yes we were thankful to receive that).  The premise of this bonus was to encourage numerical growth of our population through birth (Tories offer baby bonus to turn around NL population). As this is unfolding and thousands of families are being rewarded, this same government is paying all of the necessary funds to see that babies are aborted upon request.  With one side of our mouths we say, ‘lets provide a stimulus for population growth’, and on the other side we authorize the destruction of the same life we are hoping to produce.

This frustrates me and I feel as we are living in a day that a future generation will look upon and mourn.  As I think of the destruction of the World Wars and the Nazi regime, or of the genocide in Rwanda, my heart aches.  But, I am quickly reminded that although my day looks different, there is still mass destruction of life that happens annually in my nation and around the world on the defenseless…and I am rocked internally with how quietly this happens.  Will I have the courage to be a voice on behalf of the voiceless?  Will I be known as one amongst the masses who stood by while the Charter was defended against the very breath of life God instituted?

I am not convinced the answer is holding a placard and marching outside of the abortion clinic, but I am convinced that the answer is not found in silence…

I leave you with the voice of a 12 year old.  While her speech, that she crafted for a public speaking competition in her school is phenomenal, I leave you with the reality of her voice…at least she is saying something:

  1. Good word my brother, it is truly sad that people are not gripped with conviction when they see the staggering numbers of children that never see the light of day. Our youth do a DV8 presentation, and in one of the videos it claims that 1 in 4 Canadian children never exit the womb…Scary thoughts! The biggest thing that worries me is how quiet the church is on the issue. Not the church in the PAONL or the organization, but it’s people. We need to lift this up in prayer, and live our lives like Christ would, so we can change the culture of our nation. The thing that comes to mind the most is a quote I heard Homer Simpson say one time (and no I do not watch The Simpsons, haven’t in 10 years, but even in there making fun of us, God can use there fun making to motivate us) Homer while looking at a church said “Well, I may not know much about God, but I have to say we built a pretty nice cage for Him.” The Christ to the streets in your daily coming and going…and we don’t need to lift the plaque high in front of the abortion clinic. If we live like that, like God wants us to! Our actions will save lives.

    Sorry it’s so long, but you stirred me up…I should start blogging myself! LOL

    • Ashley … this is a consistent struggle of mine. More personal than corporate…what practical voice can i have that will make a difference. I just come back to the reality that silence cannot be a legit option. Therefore, I must find creative and meaningful ways to champion the cause of the unborn! thanks for commenting and wrestling with this!

  2. sorry that should read “Take Christ to the streets” I really should spell/grammar check…sorry brother!

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