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In Uncategorized on 10/11/2009 at 10:16 pm

never forgetToday I awoke with liberty to look brightly upon the next 24 hours before me.  I began by rolling out of my comfortable queen sized bed and getting myself ready for the day.  The routine of putting in my contacts, showering, shaving, brushing my teeth, choosing clothing from a full wardrobe, and all of the other small things to get myself ready, unfolded like most days – without trouble.  By the time I am geared to go, I hear a stirring in the room adjacent to the bathroom.  It is the sound of a 13 month old wanting to be up and wanting to be in bed at the same time.  As the groaning becomes more and more clear, I am drawn closer to the door that separates me from my pal.  Then, as if he knows I am close and wants to invite me in, Kendrick releases a high-pitched ‘oohhhh’.  With the same zeal I had on Christmas morning as a child, I burst into his room to have his 2 little arms squeeze me with my first hug of the day.  I proceed to install a clean diaper (and at times a fresh set of pajamas:) on him and remind him/excite him that, just like every other morning, there is some milk and breakfast awaiting him.  Not to mention he gets to watch a little ‘In the Night Garden’ or ‘The Big Comfy Couch’  – 2 shows I hope he learns to dislike for selfish reasons.  We get to have some one on one time over breakfast (minus the tv) and then his excitement escalates again when it is time to bring mommy in on the morning.  As Kayla takes over, it is now time for me to head off to another day of work at a job/calling that I love.

I cherish this start to most days and take for granted much of what has allowed me to enjoy life as I know it.  Regardless of the trials we face and the real struggles that are a result of living in this world, I am so blessed to know freedom as I do.  I wake to it…I live with it…I rest each night with it at my side.  Yet, this time every year reality of what could have been and what could be calls my remembrance into the light.  I am conscious of the fact that the ebb and flow of life doesn’t make a moment of silence possible or realistic for each day.  I am aware that the purpose of the poppy may get lost if we wore them throughout the entire calendar year.  However, I long to embrace the liberty and blessing of my Canadian life  with a consistent gratefulness.  I want to not be ambivalent to the past sacrifices and battles fought or ignorant to the current situation that our Canadian Forces personnel face abroad.

While it isn’t something I tend to do often, I want to give major props to the shy, soft-spoken CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry.  Yes, I lied about the shy and soft-spoken part, but there is a rallying point that we all need to get behind Mr. Cherry on.   It is the unrelenting support he lends to our military!  I want to use his most recent ‘Coaches Corner’ segment to remind us of the modern-day face of remembrance day (if you want to skip the hockey chit chat, forward the video to 4:37).  

We can debate the current battle that rages on Afghani soil.  We can analyze the history of the Great Wars until we are an expert in the facts of those conflicts.  But, please, let us not overlook the sacrifice of the thousands of yesteryear and the hundreds of today who have laid their lives down for our life and liberty.  Let us truly thank God for them.  Tomorrow morning I am joining a friend or two and we are heading to the Memorial service on Park Avenue in Mount Pearl.  I personally feel that this homage is the least I can offer.  Each year, I attend to give something.   I go to offer respect and thanks.  Each year, I leave feeling like the one who has received something.  A refined perspective – a renewed gratitude.

Like Don says, “this is Canada’s Hall of Famers, and don’t you ever forget”.  Remembrance Day in Afghanistan

  1. Matt Thanks so much man means alot to me to read this today. lov you bro

  2. Great post today Bro. Keep up the good work!

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