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‘heading for home’

There are few phrases that reflect much of what makes my heart beat like this one does.  Heading for home brings to my mind vivid thoughts surrounding much of what initiates any passion within me.

Heading for home immediately conjures up a visual of Joe Carter leaping his way around 3rd base after hitting the winning home run in the final game of the World Series in 1993 (  Though I was only breaking new ground in junior high then, the memory is etched into the brain.  As he headed for home, no one could deny it – they were defending champs! That reality and joyous moment is becoming more and more cherished as the likelihood of it happening again in my lifetime gets bleaker each August.

More importantly than my infatuation with the sport of baseball and all that home means there,  the phrase brings me to the end of each day when I grab the coat from behind my office door or head home from any number of possible meeting locations, and make my way back to where my day began!  After the challenges of ministry and the pressures of what a day can bring…for that matter – even after the joys of any day…there is nothing on this earth more promising than pulling my jetta into our cul de sac.  No worry of what level of support or love i will feel – just welcome.  A smile from my wife of 5+ years (sch’mon) or my 13 month old lil’ dude, Kendrick, eager to pull at my pants legs to get up are enough to provide temporary amnesia for what could possibly rattle me!  There are days that I take this for granted…i am sorry for that.  The longer i am here on planet earth, the more i realize what I have here at the end of my cul de sac is not necessarily a given in today’s world.

Then as I live through the scope of doing my best at following Jesus’ example  – i am constantly being reminded of the most compelling response that this phrase brings.  Jesus did say he is preparing a home for those who would follow Him…yet i find myself living for the here and now? material and temporary things clutch for my attention and resources.    I want an eagerness for heaven to compel me to do whatever it takes to follow the GREAT commission ( and serve humanity the to the greatest extent that I any risk really too great if heaven is a reality and Jesus is the way to get there(  I want to live each day as if I am rounding 3rd and this is my home stretch…will my life honor God? Will I be faithful to represent him to my world?

heading 4 home_

Go Phillies.  Thank you K n K.  God, Lead me.  awaiting for me at home

  1. A beautifully written eye-opener to all! Makes you think through personal priorities and commitments through a whole new lens; one of physical and spiritual realities that shakens the human complacency that is unfortunately found within today’s world. Thanks!

  2. Awesome!

  3. thks Denzil…I guess you can very much relate to this in more ways than one 🙂 even your commute home is very similar! time for our families to get together now.

  4. Great writing! I am being constantly reminded lately that each day brings us one step closer to “home”. Making the most of every opportunity is really what it’s all about.

    • Brian…echo that. Paul was teaching the other day the difference between ‘Devotions’ and ‘devoted time’…saying that devoted time is where we give God our attention throughout the day -an attitude of listening and observing what He would say in whatever context we find ourselves in. I think this is key to seeing the opportunity first – then making the most of each one! Thanks for reading and responding!

  5. Good metaphor for the gamem of live. It’s all about winning the vistor’s crown. when Joe touched home it was more than a personal triumph; he took the whole team to the victory circle. Thanks for the encouragment to remain focused and set proper priorities.

  6. Let me retype that comment and correct the typing errors.
    Good metaphor for the game of life. It’s all about winning the victor’s crown.When Joe touched home plate he took the whole team to the victor’s circle. thanks for the encouragment to remain focused and set proper priorities

  7. Right on! It’s all about sensitivity to God’s Spirit as we live our lives daily.

  8. wow, very talented. how in the world did I get passed over when that was handed out. seriously, I liked it very much.

  9. …I was sitting in the stands when Joe hit that home run…it is a moment never to be forgotten…

  10. I wasn’t that lucky. However, I did see them beat the Twins earlier in the season. 52000 fans in the skydome. It was something to behold!

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